Elie Bleu Flor De Alba Bubinga Finish 75 Count

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In the beginning, a mass of sawed up wood. During its six month voyage in our workshop,
our object will have been accompanied by the expert hand of a master craftsman.

Planning, adjusting, sanding, varnishing, polishing, lining...

Innovating continually, working rare wood essence and noble material Elie Bleu knows that, its
grasp must also caress with patience. Through these numerous steps, impossible to accomplish in
just a few days, Elie Bleu breathes into its objects the creative spirit of a tradition for which it is the guarantor for more than 40 years.

The selection and preparation of the solid wood used in the making of an Elie Bleu
creation are of great importance. Indeed, before it can be used, the wood must cure for
many years in open air and it must be uniform and have a fine grain. The beauty of an
object also depends on the way the essences of precious wood veneer are used. Certain natural
imperfections in the wood, such as knots, dark spots, or holes are part of most veneers, notably
burls. Elie Bleu is committed to avoid them and chooses the most beautifully grained veneers.
On each creation is applied numerous very fine coats of varnish. Their inimitably brilliance and
transparency are obtained by successively sanding and polishing eight times by hand.
For perfect quality, the lining of the jewelry cases, the secrets cabinet, the valet tray and
the leather covering of the picture frames is done entirely by hand.

The ELIE BLEU workshop is a luxury manufacturer of humidors, watch winders, jewelry boxes and
other wood accessories. ELIE BLEU is regarded as the premier designer and manufacturer of the
finest wooden cabinets and boxes in the world. ELIE BLEU produces exclusive pieces for the most famous Parisian jeweler, couture house and luxury brands in the world. ELIE BLEU products are works of art, unique pieces and limited edition pieces.

 Cuba vintage

A flavour of cuban traditional cigar’s box ornement. A colourful background made of bubinga.

75 cigars humidor, bubinga.
1 Humidification system.
1 Hygrometer.

30 x 24.5 x 11.5 cm
11.81 x 9.64 x 4.52 inch