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Dream Deal: AJ Overruns!


Every now and again, something funny happens in the industry: As supply and demand for certain product constantly ebbs and flows, manufacturers are constantly overshooting the mark, hoping that retailers will make up for errors made and pick up their slack.

When that doesn't happen, the manufacturer's call us, and we take a few palates off of their hands at one helluva deal! This little offer is just that. Look, we can't tell you much about what we're offering other than this: It's from the AJ Fernandez Farm, and it's freakin' worth it! 

Get a bundle of AJ Overruns for $2.99 Per Cigar (6x52 Toro) while our supplies last. I mean, in theory, a few pallets should last a while. But just for good measure, buy 'em up quick!

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  • AJ Overruns Toro Especial (6x52 / 10 Pack)
  • AJ Overruns Toro Especial (6x52 / Bundle 20)