Can I ask a favor? Keep this deal on the downlow, because it’s not exactly “kosher” if you get my drift… You’re getting 15 Curivari cigars for $89.95 - that’s just $5.99 a stick. To stay in everyone’s good book, we’re not telling you what you’re getting - but if you’re not smiling ear-to-ear when you open your package, send everything back to us for a full refund- however, that ain’t gonna happen! You’re going to love us, and that’s a fact, Jack! 

Curivari is the brand that started this whole boutique cigar craze, and they taste cuban. Seriously. Ready to fall in love? Grab a Curivari Motherload Pack for yourself now!

Curivari might be one of the strangest cult brands we’ve ever carried. While there are many companies that produce non-Cuban cigars that taste like current Cuban blends, Curivari Cigars elevates this concept to an ultra-premium, boutique level. 

Created by European Cigar Retailer Andreas Throuvalas, Curivari Cigars is a manufacturer that crafts specific brands to mirror their Cuban counterparts. For example, the company’s El Gran Rey line is nearly identical to the Hoyo de Monterrey profile. Classic, traditional Cuban styles are revamped with the finest Nicaraguan tobaccos, which has helped Curivari amass critical acclaim and a loyal following of cigar connoisseurs.  

The exceptional Buenaventura series received a 94 rating and the Café Noir has garnered 90 ratings. Curivari Cigars features a versatile collection of premium blends to accommodate the preferences of every type of smoker. 

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