People are always asking me what my favorite cigar is - well here you have it: Padron Family Reserve (specifically No. 44 Maduro Torpedo!) Score Free Shipping On Your Entire Order when you purchase a 5-Pack of ultra-premium Padron Family Reserve!

Padron Family Reserve is one of the finest and most highly sought-after cigars in the world today. Blended to perfection using a wonderful assortment of aged tobaccos, these beauties are finished in gorgeous Nicaraguan wrappers.

They enjoy a truly legendary status among cigar connoisseurs around the world with scores of 90+ rated offerings. Padrón’s reputation dates back to 1964 and today the brand is recognized for an elegant portfolio of premium, handcrafted, aged Nicaraguan blends.

These cigars are mouthwateringly-delicious from start to finish, with bold flavors of cocoa and coffee bean meshing with an earthy core before culminating in a long, cedary finish. In 2009, Padron Family Reserve was crowned “#1 Cigar of Year” by Cigar Aficionado.

Make it a family affair with this 95-rated offering from the renowned Padron family, a true connoisseur’s favorite for very good reason. When you want to add an instant classic to your collection, Padron Family Reserve is the right choice.

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