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Every week, I get a pallet of these cigars shipped into our aging rooms, fresh from the Dominican Republic. There is something groundbreaking about "barberpole" cigars- and aficionado's are taking notes. Take it from me- there isn't a better barberpole cigar on the market. Get a FAT 30% OFF DBL Fancy Belicoso Barberpole while supplies last!

There’s a time and a place for risk taking....like Vegas, for example. And then there’s a time and place where you just want a guaranteed outcome, like after a long, hard day of bringing home the benjamins!

When it comes to consistency, Dominican Big Leaguers (DBL) is just like winning the lottery every single day – consistent quality, consistent flavor, consistent construction. It’s the cigar equivalent of how your spot on the couch somehow manages to feel exactly the same no matter how many times you sit on it. Quite simply DBL cigar reviews all read the same way, “This cigar is great, its my favorite cigar in the world, buy now.”

Need a little more info? The Amarillo Connecticut is made with Connecticut Shade wrappers. They're masterfully blended from Francisco Almonte's private reserve of aged tobaccos and the cigars themselves are all aged to perfection before being placed in their signature Ferrari-yellow spanish cedar boxes. Well-made, mellow to medium in body, and beautifully constructed. Looks, personality, dependability....its all here!