Curivari Achilles Mirmidones 54 (6x54 / Box 10)

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Another release has leaked out of the safeguard of Curivari’s vaults. When a brand as tight-lipped as Curivari puts out a new product, it’s best to take pay attention. That’s why the collective interest of cigar enthusiasts peaked when the new Curivari Achilles Herocios was announced. The Achilles is a Nicaraguan puro, expertly crafted by the meticulous hands at Tabacalera de Nicaragua. Known for a having one of the most Cuban-esque flavor profiles in the US market, the Achilles continues that tradition with an added level of strength not found in their other offerings. Cedar, roasted nuts, and floral notes represent the main course here, with notes of rich caramel and a tingle of cinnamon representing the metaphorical dessert. Another truly special release from Curivari, and one that makes us yearn to see more from the brand.