If my price were any lower on these delicious Cuban Heirloom Sun Grown Torpedo's, I'd be accepting monopoly money and I-owe-you's. Come and take your 66% off these Perdomo-made gems while they're still in stock!

Cuban Heirloom by Perdomo Cigars live up to their name in every respect - quality construction, delicious taste, and great value. Cuban artisans make them in the old-style Cuban tradition using vintage leaf that's been aged at least three years.

Rolled with rich, top-grade auburn-colored Rosado Sun Grown wrappers and Nicaraguan-grown binder and fillers, Cuban Heirloom Sun Grown cigars are Medium bodied in strength, and give off a robust flavor complexity. Expect distinct spice and pepper notes that mature into a sweet, full flavored smoking experience with a long and pleasant finish.

There's a reason Cuban Heirloom Cigars have been a mainstay in our retail stores for over 25 years - they're an expertly blended vitola that offers aficionado's the highest caliber of premium, Nicaraguan Tobaccos.

Cuban Heirloom Price Drop