PRE-ORDER IS LIVE: Last year, our RoMa Craft "CRAFT" flights sold out in less than 12 hours. If you missed last years release, now is your chance. RoMA Craft is a bestselling selling boutique brand cigar company in our store, and these cigars are guaranteed to be extremely flavorful!

*Please note, the photographs of CRAFT you see in the picture are from LAST YEAR'S RELEASE! Because this is a pre-order item, we have not yet had the chance to take updated photographs. Please expect a difference from the pictures shown.

RoMa Craft is a boutique style manufacturer that commands major respect in the cigar industry. Worshipped by aficionados from both the old and the new school, nobody does it quite like the RoMa Craft Guys. Furthermore, their limited edition releases never last more than a day or so on our website. Yep, they’re that good.

CRAFT is quite possibly their most sought after release, and comes out only once a year. This year’s 2022 release is a 5x50 Robusto that comes in boxes of 10, and appears to use at least three different types of tobacco for its unique wrapper designs. While we haven’t and won’t get the opportunity to try these cigars ourselves, one thing is for sure- they are going to be unbelievable.  

The RoMa Craft CRAFT 2022 Collector’s flight is one of the most special samplers we’ve ever debuted- over half the releases featured in this pack are limited edition debuts. Each pack gets four 2022 RoMa Craft "CRAFT" LE, and six very special assorted releases. Stock will vary, but we assure you, the cigars included will be special!