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Keep you favorite cigars or personal items nice and cool with these great bags!

A Classic Personal Bag with a Twist!

Here’s the twist. Introducing Cool-it Caddy™ and Icepops™ personal coolers by Vinci Designs - keeps your CIGARS, sunscreen, snacks, medications and make-up (for the ladies of course) chilled even in the hottest of places. So you stay fresh, no matter what the score - or the temperature. Now that’s cool.

Just Pop and Play

Just pop the Cool-it Caddy™ personal cooler into a freezer until frozen. Next step? Go play.

On the course. On the boat. On the go. Courtside. Beachside. Poolside.

Cool-it Caddy™ are always chillin' by your side.

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  • Cool-It Caddy Bella Pink
  • Cool-It Caddy Classic
  • Cool-It Caddy Contempo Midnight Gator