If you're not familiar with Aganorsa leaf, you should be. Casa Fernandez is the king of Aganorsa leaf and blends these vitolas especially for Cigar King. Casa Fernandez has been producing some of the best Nicaraguan tobacco in the business for three decades and its tobaccos are used in such respected brands as Illusione and Alec Bradley as well as their own line of excellent smokes.  The Aganorsa Leaf is similar to the original Casa Fernandez line with a bit more body. The blend and burn are consistent, with good flavor and aroma from start to finish.

These medium bodied cigars deliver rich Nicaraguan tobacco flavors until it burns your fingers. Our cigars are topped with a beautiful light brownish-red Corojo '99 wrapper. The maduro version uses a tasty San Andreas Mexican maduro wrapper. These Corojo '99 cigars are slightly peppery with a smooth spice and toasted wood notes, providing tons of flavor with a very silky finish. The maduro iteration adds another level of complexity with some cocoa and chocolate notes. If you're a fan of Casa Fernandez do yourself a favor and pick up a bundle or two of these now!

Aged Reserve Nicaragua Aganorsa