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CHEAP: AJ Fernandez Nicaraguan Farmrolls!


Dark, oily, fresh Nicaraguan Farmrolls straight from the golden gates of AJ Fernandez’s lush Esteli Homestead.. mmm…. Introducing our all-new mega bestseller, AJ Fernandez Fresh Nicaraguan Farmrolls!

You’d be hard pressed to visit any cigar shop in the world and not hear the name AJ Fernandez. He’s the cigar industry’s leading manufacturer, and for good reason: We’ve never met someone with more natural skill and aptitude for growing, curing, and manufacturing some of the best premium cigars we’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. 

While Mr. Fernandez also makes cigars for some of the world’s top brands, he also is the proprietor of a multitude of award-winning labels such as New World, Last Call, San Lotano, and more!

But what if you took one a box of one those esteemed brands, removed the labels from each, individual cigar; and charged 50% less per stick? What would you call that? By the beard of Zeus, I’d call that a damn good deal! 

You see, every now and again, something interesting happens in the business: As supply and demand for certain brands constantly ebbs and flows, manufacturers are constantly overshooting the mark, hoping that retailers will make up for errors made and pick up their slack. When that doesn’t happen, the factories call us, and we buy pallets of these precious premium’s for one helluva discount!

While Supplies Last, Get AJ Fernandez Fresh Nicaraguan Farmroll Bundles for just $3.99 Per Cigar (50% OFF) + Free Shipping On Your Entire Order!

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  • AJ Fernandez Fresh Nicaraguan Farmrolls (7x52 / 10 Pack)
  • AJ Fernandez Fresh Nicaraguan Farmrolls (7x52 / Pack 25) + FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!