CBD-INFUSED Nuggs By Ja Sum Kral!


CBD-Infused Nuggs By Ja Sum Kral may just be one of the most groundbreaking cigars of the 21st century. They've been out for close to a year, and to this day, we still have trouble keeping them in stock. The world is out, and people freaking LOVE them!

We just got a fresh shipment of these premium puppies in, and we're feeling groovy- so we put together a choice, brand spankin' new flight pack just for you!

Each pack comes with three Habano Nuggs, and three Maduro Nuggs, and packs a combined 360mg's of CBD infusion. Oh, and the best part? We're taking $25 OFF each pack and giving you Free Shipping On Your Entire Order! Still not convinced? Check out the full description and labratory COA test in the product description when you click the item below!