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BRAND NEW Fable & Guimaro Cigars By ROMACRAFT


If you haven't noticed, we've gone a bit "RoMa Craft" crazy lately, picking up more than a few micro-brands coming out of RoMa Craft's "Nica Sueno" factory in Nicaragua. To be quite honest, we can't help ourselves! When it comes down to who's doing the most in the world of boutique cigars, RoMa Craft ranks high up on the totem pole. 

Introducing Fable Cigars and Guimaro Cigars, two mightily tasty micro-brands emerging from the all-mighty bowels of the great Nica Sueno factory. Both of these blends are medium to medium full, and are loaded with juicy Nicaraguan flavors and tons of rich cocoa-spices, white pepper, hints of leathery sweetness, graham cracker, and so much more. Don't sleep on these deals, pick up a 10-Pack of these 'bad mama-jama's' and get free cigars, free lighters, and free shipping on your entire order! See why RoMa's blessed Nica Suena factory get's all the press, smoke these tasty Nicaraguan cigars now!

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