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Boutique Bundles For Cheap!


When it comes to cigar culture, we usually think of a premium cigar as being anywhere from $8-$30 depending on the blend and brand. For so many years, it was truly a difficult task to find a great cigar unless it was at least around the $10 range.

But what happens when factories liquidate particular blends en masse? What happens when we call a particular blender and agree to take a large amount of sticks for a smokin' deal? Well, it's really quite simple: the legend of the storied $1 cigar is born! In this particular deal, we shine the light on those deliciously discounted cigars, and show YOU that you don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy a beautiful blend. Save some serious coin on these select bundle deals; we've discounted the tarnation out of them just for you! 

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