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Arturo Fuente 858 Head to Head Sampler


The Arturo Fuente 858 is one of the finest and most consistent cigars on the market. Like Fuente's motto indicates, they never rush the hands of time. Each cigars is made from only the finest vintage tobaccos that are blended and rolled by highly skilled torcedors.

The cigars are aged in Spanish cedar vaults for long periods of time to ensure a mature flavor and good burn. Arturo Fuente cigars are sought after in cigar shops near and far, and are recognized internationally for their quality and mature flavor.

In 2018, Arturo Fuente began to designate 858 in "Sungrown" as a more limited release. Within hours, we were sold out of 858 Sungrown, and really haven't seen them since Christmas. Well, have we got a surprise for you! The head honcho's at Fuente threw us a bone, and sent us a few packs to get us through the hot Arizona Summer - so we put together a fantastic head to head sampler pack that you're going to love!

Each flight comes with 5 rare 858 Sungrown Fuente's, and 5 unique 858 Claro (green) cigars - so it's like a double celebration of Christmas and St. Patrick's Day in July! Pretty cool right? Snag your pack now, because they won't last long!