You can't have an Arturo Fuente Motherload pack without Opus X, so this one's special folks. Each Fuente motherload pack is guaranteed to have an Opus X Cigar inside, along with Fuente's bestselling coreline blends. If you receive it and don't like it, we'll refund your money in full- that's how confident we are that you'll love it. Stock is limited, so get yours now!

Arturo Fuente is famous for coining the phrase "We will never rush the hands of time", and they mean it: From the day their choice tobaccos are harvested, until the moment they hand-box their cigars and ship them off to retailers, over three years will have gone by- and it's like that by design.

It's no wonder that this particular company is one of our top 5 best selling cigar brands in the store- and it's been that way since we opened our doors. If you haven't taken the time to sample the Arturo Fuente line in full - you're missing out on one of the most legendary cigar brands of all time.

This is your chance to try the most fantastic assortment of Fuente Cigars you’ll ever experience. While we’re not going to tell you exactly what you’ll be receiving, just know this: It’s going to rock your world - and if it doesn’t - send it back to us for a full refund. That’s right, we’re stamping the Cigar King Family Satisfaction Guarantee on this one, folks. Enjoy!

Arturo Fuente 2022 Secret Motherload

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