Altar Q By Leaf Oscar!


Altar Q is the exciting brainchild of Oscar Valladares, the legendary blender who is responsible for one of the best selling cigars of our time: The Leaf By Oscar! He's also behind the grand-slam blend known as Island Jim & Oscar 2012. If you're looking for a sureshot new release, you absolutely have to try this blend!

Featuring a smooth Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper with aged Honduran long-fillers, this medium bodied smoke offers pleasant notes of sweet honey, wood, nut, and just a touch of spice to round everything out - Basically, this blend is the new "Leaf" to hit the premium cigar market! Whether you're looking for a breakfast smoke, or the last stick of the day; the Alter Q is an incredible addition to Oscar's line of exquisite blends.

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