Alec Bradley Post Embargo

In 2015, the US took the first steps in normalizing relations with a small island nation 90 south of the Florida Keys. We’re talking about Cuba, of course. Alan Rubin and Ralph Montero watched the Stars and Stripes hoisted in front of the American embassy in Cuba. This was the first time in over 54 years our flag has flown in Havana. They turned to each other and said we have a new brand to create.

Using this momentous occasion as their inspiration, they set off to create a cigar reminiscent of classic pre-embargo Cubans.

Manufactured in Honduras at the Raices Cubanas cigar factory, the Alec Bradley Post Embargo is a wonderfully flavorful medium bodied cigar. It utilizes Honduran and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos along with a double binder setup that includes one leaf from Honduras and one from Nicaragua. A lovely Honduran-grown Corojo wrapper completes this delicious blend. Tasting notes include, roasted cashews, cocoa, cream and hints of black pepper interspersed throughout this thoroughly enjoyable smoke.