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Aladino is an all-new player in the industry that we're super excited about carrying. Funny thing about the brand, is that the proprietors behind it have been famously growing tobacco since 1961. The Eiroa family single handedly made Jalapa valley Cuban-seed Corojo ferociously popular in the USA with Camacho (before it was sold and rebranded). The best part about that Cuban Corojo seed? They're the only ones that actually have access to it. 

Now they're back, and making blends that will take you back to the golden age of cigar manufacturing. And we mean it. Seriously. We're of the opinion that everyone should try these bad boys, especially if you're a lover of medium bodied, cubanesque blends (or a lover of Camacho's from back in the day).

See about the hype for yourself with this awesome 10-Pack special we're offering: Purchase an Aladino Corona 10-Pack & receive: A 3-Pack of CK Aladino ORO (our hottest new cigar blended by Aladino for a smokin' price!) + Free Shipping On Your Entire Order!