Aging Room is a cigar brand that most people will recognize by now. Have you seen the tag line below the name that says “Small Batch Cigars”? It means that each blend of cigars bearing the Aging Room name is a limited production product. It’s limited because each blend is created using a set amount of choice, well aged tobacco. Once this stash of leaf runs out, the brand is out of production. Rafael Nodal & Jochi Blanco believe this is a better philosophy than to tweak a blend and keep it in production.

While reviewing their store of 2003 Sumatra wrapper tobacco used for the highly rated, award winning Aging Room Quattro F55 cigars, they discovered that they were quite low. However they still had plenty of the well aged Dominican Habano filler and binder tobaccos available. So, the search began for a new wrapper to use on these great fillers. They found it in a Dominican-grown Habano wrapper and thus the Aging Room Quattro F59 Was born.

How does this new Aging Room Quattro stack up to the original? Quite well we think. It is still a silky smooth, medium-to-full bodied, box-pressed beauty of a cigar. This new wrapper is darker and more oily than the it’s predecessor. It leads you on a wonderful journey of flavors and complexity that one would expect from an Aging Room blend. Tasting notes include pepper, leather, and toasted woods with hints of cream and coffee beautifully intertwined with the core flavors.

The new Aging Room Quattro F59 should be on the radar for anyone who has enjoyed the Aging Room Quattro F55.

Aging Room Quattro F59

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