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You can never go wrong with a Montecristo. It’s arguably the most well-known name in the cigar industry, and for good reason: The craftsmanship, consistency, and outstanding flavor of Montecristo always satisfies. This old-world brand has been going strong for 85 years, folks. 

The Montecristo Espada is a stunning, full flavored beauty loaded with 100% pure Nicaraguan goodness. With tobaccos grown in the lushest fertile soils found in this great cigar-growing nation, you can expect the deep & earthy, Cuban style taste that makes the Montecristo marque the legend that it is today. 

Available in two distinct wrapper choices, the Espada Habano offers a bold, spicy and deeply satisfying smoke. The Espada Oscuro produces an intriguing mélange of complex roasted coffee beans, natural sweetness, and velvety dark cocoa.