RARE Perdomo ESV Limited Edition Is Here!


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Nick Perdomo, CEO of Perdomo Cigars is one of the greatest cigar manufacturers our industry has ever seen. What makes his company so unique is that they are a 100% vertically integrated cigar manufacturer. That means they control every process, from seed to soil.

Their facilities consist of thousands of acres of farmland, greenhouses, curing barns, sorting departments, production facilities, a state-of-the-art box factory, and a first class packaging operation. They’ve graced the world with a multitude of smash-hit releases, from everyday value smokes to top of the line small batch limited edition releases, and have been rated as high as 97 by big-name outfits.  

The Perdomo Estate Selección Vintage Limited Edition is hand-crafted using the top five percent of the Perdomo family's estate grown tobaccos from the prestigious Finca Natalie Farm in Estelí, Nicaragua. This cigar is an elegant smoking experience with rich aromas and bold, complex flavors and is available in three different wrappers: Connecticut, Sun Grown, and Maduro