Rare HVC Black Friday Limited Edition


Rarest HVC of the Year: I'm smoking this year's HVC Black Friday release, and it's an A+ stick. While you can, get them from your friends at the Cigar King on a super special hometown deal!

HVC Black Friday is finally available, and this year’s release is just as tasty as the previous iteration! HVC Black Friday is a blend that we look forward to every year, and is super limited. Reinier Lorenzo, owner of HVC releases a different Black Friday blend every year, and makes it limited to only 600 boxes for the world. 

The HVC Black Friday 2021 is a 4.37x54 "Short Toro" that will use a Connecticut brodadleaf wrapper over a mixture of Nicaraguan tobaccos for the binder and fillers, including corojo 2012 and criollo 98. While only a few of our employees have gotten a chance to smoke this rare release, we can tell you that they sell out like clockwork every year! Get yours before they sell out completely!

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