Rare Fuente FORBIDDEN PINK Sampler!


Every now and again, we release a special Arturo Fuente treat that goes live for our VIP email recipients before we make it available for the general public. This way, everyone who wants a pack of these rare releases can get one, just as long as it's ordered in a reasonable amount of time!

Arturo Fuente makes some of the rarest and most sought after cigar in the entire world. Arturo Fuente releases these cigars only a few times a year, and distributes small allotments to retailers all over the world. Most stores get their special releases, put a ridiculous markup on them, and sell them as sealed boxes to one or two customers on a list.  

We feel differently about our allotments. Being that these blends are basically the holy grail of the cigar world, we think it's important that everyone gets a shot at getting some! That's why we quietly stash away our stock as soon as it arrives, and parcel it out slowly throughout the year.

Well, here's our dole for 2021. It's special, tasty as hell, and you can’t find them anywhere. Each Forbidden Pink pack comes with one Arturo Fuente Rare Pink Work of Art, two rare Arturo Fuente God of Fire's, and eight of Fuente’s bestselling core releases. Enjoy!

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