NEW Nicaraguan Heirloom by AJ Fernandez


BREAKING NEW RELEASE: Nicaraguan Heirloom by AJ Fernandez is here, and available for purchase now at a huge introductory discount of up to 35% OFF, PLUS Free Shipping On Your Entire Order!

It's no secret that A.J. Fernandez is the number one blender of premium cigars in the world right now. What's truly unique about AJ's cigars, is that they command the respect of both the old and new-school generations of cigar smokers. While his cigars are typically catagorized as "strong", we've teamed up with AJ to release a groundbreaking, medium-bodied treat that will surely be loved by all: The Nicaraguan Heirloom by AJ Fernandez!

The rich, earthy soils of the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua are second nature to world-renowned master blender AJ Fernandez. Taste the elements with Nicaraguan Heirloom, a bold and adventurous cigar bursting with flavors of leather, earth, nuts, and sweet orange.