The Diamond Crown Maximus brand is a unique beast in the cigar industry. It is the culmination of three of the cigar world's most successful tobacco families combined to produce a cigar worthy of the name Maximus. The Newman family owns the brand, the Fuente family makes it, and the Oliva family grows its signature component, the Ecuadoran wrapper that is credited with contributing much of its power.

The wrappers on the Maximus come from the Bajo region of Oliva Tobacco Co.'s Ecuador farm, which sits at the foot of a valley near the River Macul. It is cultivated exclusively for use in this cigar. This soil is especially rich in minerals and nutrients washed down from the nearby hills. This unique wrapper leaf is dark, but is not a maduro and accounts for much of the cigar's rich & full flavor.

The Maximus was skillfully blended by Carlos Fuente using the exclusive Bajo warapper and the finest, 5 year aged Dominican tobaccos are used for the filler and binder. Fuente family is no stranger to manufacturing, and they take great pride in ensuring the Diamond Crown Maximus is made at the same level of quality as their Opus X brand.

Diamond Crown Maximus offers a wonderful smoking experience. Rich flavors of coffee and nuts are weaved together with notes of cedar and pepper to deliver a full flavored cigar. It is supremely smooth and well balanced. Franly, it's what you would expect when these 3 families put their heads together to creat an incredible cigar.

Diamond Crown Maximus