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99-Rated Davidoff Limited Edition Robusto Real


“The Davidoff Especiales 7 as evidenced by the score, is the greatest cigar I’ve ever smoked from a technical standpoint. The flavors - mouth, retrohale, finish - were simply outstanding.”

– Charlie M., Co-Founder

The Davidoff Robusto Real
has just arrived on location at Cigar King, and it's already receiving more than incredible accolades. This will be the first time we have carried a cigar that has been awarded a 99-Rating. Whether you're a budget smoker, boutique snob, or only enjoy name brands, this is a blend we strongly recommend you try for yourself. Here's what Davidoff has to say about this limited edition release:

The Robusto Real crosses new boundaries of craftsmanship. In search of new sensations, the cigar gathers tobaccos from seven different regions, blended in perfect harmony to create a truly unique cigar experience. 

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