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Gurkha Cigars have been around since 1887, making them one of the oldest cigar brands in the world. Blended by K. Hansotia, Gurkha Cigars produce some of the rarest premium cigars in the world. Dedicated to high manufacturing standards, strict quality control, and only using the finest tobacco, Gurkha Cigars have risen to the top of the cigar industry.

Each cigar is handmade using premium tobacco that is expertly aged and fermented to exceptional standards. They have unsurpassed quality and flavor. With this particular sampler, you're experiencing Gurkha's bestselling Nicaraguan blends for a price that won't be matched anywhere. For a limited time, score 24 delicious Gurkha Cigars for 80% off retail pricing, plus free shipping on your entire order!

80% Off Gurkha 24-Cigar Samplers

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