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La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo is a full-bodied premium cigar that is named after it’s very rare medio tiempo leaves that are a key component in the filler blend . Medio Tiempo leaves, which grow above ligero leaves, are found at the very top of the tobacco plant that gets the most direct sunlight.

Given that medio tiempo only grows on a select few plants, and is prized for its thick dark leaves, and rich concentrated strength, the famed General Cigar Company decided to name these cigars Medio Tiempo. Beyond this sun drenched medio tiempo tobacco, the rest of this five-nation blend includes long fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, all held together by a Connecticut broadleaf binder and a silky-smooth Ecuadorian seed Sumatra wrapper.

This fantastic La Gloria creation, produced at the famous El Credito factory in the Dominican Republic, delivers a tapestry of well-balanced flavors that includes earth, oak, smooth buttery leather, cocoa, and cinnamon. While supplies last, get it at a discount you won't find anywhere else on the internet, only from your friends at the Cigar King!


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