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Cohiba is the undisputed Heavy-Weight Champion of cigar brands. No name in the entire cigar industry holds as much clout and status as the Cohiba name. Today's Cohiba cigars are each special in their own right, and none are quite as interesting as the Cohiba Nicaragua.

A truly an exceptional blend, the Cohiba Nicaragua is the first Nicaraguan Puro the company has ever released. Starting with a blend of filler & binder tobaccos from Jalapa & Esteli that have been aged between 5-11 years before rolling, it’s topped with a simply exquisite, reddish-brown Colorado oscuro wrapper leaf.

After the rolling is completed, these beautiful vitolas are aged for an additional 2 years. Tasting notes for this blend include cocoa, espresso, earth and leather. The Cohiba Nicaragua is a spectacular, eye-opening experience that will change the way you look at the brand.

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