Have you ever smoked a perfect cigar? The 97-Rated Padron 1926 Serie is it, which is why I have never (not even once!) featured it on my email list... I mean, it's practically never in stock. When it does come in, it's gone the next day! For 6 hours, it's being featured on my site. Now is the time if you want in. Enjoy!

Ever smoked a 97-rated cigar? If not, start with a Padron 1926 Serie - one of the greatest cigars ever created, and flavor so smooth and complex, it feels like it could almost melt in your mouth. Padron 1926 Serie was originally released in 2001 to celebrate the 75th birthday of family patriarch Jose Padron, and created a legacy and a legendary line of cigars that still rakes in top marks nearly 20 years later.

Padron has discovered the formula for creating true cigar masterpieces, and the 1926 Serie is their shining example of premium perfection. If you have never tasted this lip-smacking five-to-ten year old blend of the finest Nicaraguan tobaccos on the planet, you sure as heck don’t know what you are missing. The blend is 100% Nicaraguan tobacco with a perfect wrapper that begs to be savored.

Whether you are looking forward to a special occasion, or you just want experience one of the best sticks money can buy, it’s time to spoil yourself. Life is too short to pass up on these beautiful Padron Cigars 1926.