END OF AN ERA: This is one of the biggest scores in Cigar King history. I remember the industry’s response to the debut of Camacho’s American Barrel Aged line- it was monumental. The Camacho team toured the country giving away motorcycles, holding tasting competitions, and dolling out free stogies like it was going out of style. It was plain to see that Camacho was so incredibly proud of this particular project’s success, and they wanted to share their innovation with the world.

Just last week, I got the call that the last of Camacho’s American Barrel Aged Cigars were to be had- and did we want them: Well, of course I did; I took everything Camacho had left in their factory. No, seriously: I’ve got an entire warehouse full of these things, and now it’s time to pass hardcore wholesale savings onto you!

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Camacho is a brand built in bold traditions, and this particular beauty is no exception. You see, innovations are seen a lot in the cigar industry. Everyone is trying to up the ante in one way or another. Some are flush and some are bust, but it never hinders manufacturers from giving it a go. But here, we have an absolute homerun for team innovation. Camacho has been thinking outside the box for some time now, and with the cigar at hand, they pulled a Babe Ruth and knocked this one straight out of the park. Enter, Camacho’s boldest innovation, American Barrel Aged.

Camacho Barrel Aged starts with a bold, oily Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper with American Broadleaf tobaccos also making appearances in the binder and filler tobaccos. The key to the blend comes in the form of a special Corojo filler leaf that’s aged for 6 years, only to be additionally stored in bourbon barrels to impart a truly unique flavor to an already stellar blend. The first Camacho to be produced in Davidoff of Geneva's prestigious Dominican factory, American Barrel Aged showcases bold notes of pepper, cashew, and sweet spices that are accented by a slight undertone of bourbon to deliver a blend you won’t soon forget.

Side note: Staying true to to Camacho’s core values, this is not a Bourbon flavored cigar. Rather, it’s a passionate fusion of technique that forges an intense smoking experience unlike anything else. Earning ratings as high as 93 points in the press, this special Camacho is worthy of the brand’s rich heritage.

55% OFF Camacho American Barrel Aged Blowout