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Montecristo Cigars have achieved legendary status in our industry, and have become one of the largest cigar companies in the world. When we talk about classic staples in the cigar industry, the Montecristo is just that.

Originally, the Montecristo brand only blended medium-to-mild cigars for the domestic market- but in recent years, the company has set it's sights on the boutique market, and has begun making incredibly crafted full-bodied smokes. Remember, these guys have big money, which means they have access to top-shelf blenders and tobaccos!

In the Montecristo factory tour, you're getting it all! From mild to Cuban strong, you get to sample 20 different Montecristo Cigars that will have you falling in love with the brand all over again, because chances are, you've already smoked your fair share of these iconic iterations!