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When it comes to classic mainstays, no blend demands respect like the all-mighty, smooth-smokin' classic Montecristo Classic Series. Blended for easy-going, mild flavor, the Montecristo Classic is the ultimate go-to for a dreamy, well-deserved, relaxing smoking experience. 

To create the Montecristo Classic cigar, only the finest Connecticut shade wrappers were hand-selected to conceal a superior mixture of top-notch Dominican long-fillers. As expected, quality is on point with each cigar, producing a dependable cigar that’s mellow, smooth, and well-balanced. Notes of wood and earth are present just before a crisp, somewhat spicy finish completes each puff.​

Good news, Montecristo Classic has received a well-deserved 91-rating, noting, "A golden-brown lonsdale with an earthy, woody smoke underscored by notes of coffee and caramel. Richer than it looks."