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Chances are you’ve smoked a Leaf By Oscar, that funky looking cigar that’s wrapped in a tobacco leaf instead of cellophane! Well now, they have a new release- it’s mild, slow burning, packed with rich flavor, and half the price of any cigar they’ve ever made: Introducing Stalk by Oscar!

Oscar is the proprietor of one of the largest, well-respected factories in Danli, Honduras. This guy is the new heavy hitter in the cigar industry. Every Oscar-made cigar sells well in our humidor, and our own personal humidors are chock full of them as well. The Stalk is a release that is no different and is now a bestselling customer favorite! 

Available in four different wrappers, each cigar is glistening with oils, and will take you on an unforgettable journey of flavor and true cigar-making passion. These juicy Honduran Puro's will remind you why Oscar is truly heralded as a cigar legend in the world of fine cigars.

The Stalk by Oscar is a cigar that doesn’t reinvent the wheel. In fact, it’s very simple: If you smoke Leaf By Oscar cigars, you’re going to love the Stalk By Oscar. It’s a fraction of the price, with every bit of the same great flavor!