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H. Upmann cigars is a legendary Cuban mega-brand that can be found in 95% of all cigar stores in America. Why, you ask? It's really quite simple: You'll never find an H. Upmann Cigar that doesn't have a perfect draw, pleasing flavor, and impeccable construction. It's one of those tried and true brands that's just known for producing superb quality and possessing a massive following in the market. Up until about five years ago, they were known to be exceptionally mild, fairly easy-going smokes- but not anymore! 

In the last half decade, this brand has expertly transformed and tailored itself towards the boutique cigar market. Spearheaded by Groupo De Maestro's and AJ Fernandez; the new essence of H. Upmann is one of medium-bodied strength, bold flavor, and small-batch production. It really is quite fascinating how well the brand has executed this change - and guess what- they did a perfect job of doing it! Their cigars are still tasty as heck, and the pricepoint seldom crosses the $10 mark! Try all of their new releases in one awesome pack today!