50% OFF Casa Cuevas Tremendos!


If you're unfamiliar with Nude Phatties, it's by far our number one selling value bundle line. Since it's inception, thousands of our customers have enjoyed these fantastic sticks without having to shell out big dough for big flavor. 

Enter Tremendos en Belicoso, our newest extension to the Nude Phatties portfolio. Unlike the regular production Nude Phatties, this all-new addition is made in the Casa Cuevas factory in the Dominican Republic, an incredibly boutique & small batch operation that's gotten mega kudos in the industry since it's inception! This 6x52 Belicoso shaped cigar dons a beautifully oily, reddish brown Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that has been aged one year for additional smoothness and flavor. The blend itself is 100% long-filler, and the construction is flawless! Tasting notes include: leather, spice, and espresso.

The Cigar King Nude Phatties Tremendos has been received with big praise from our in-store aficionados. If you're looking for that golden value stick - you have to try these!