50% OFF Alec Bradley Mundial


In 2014, Alec Bradley Mundial became a global sensation when it scored #14 in top 25 Cigars of the Year. Now, we're bringin' it back in the spotlight - get a 15-Pack of these forgotten flavorbombs at 50% OFF, PLUS Free Shipping On Your Entire Order!

Alec Bradley Cigars took five years to perfect Mundial, one of their most satisfying cigar lines. Mundial is available in five sizes, all with pointed feet, beginning with “Punta Lanza,” translated to mean point of the lance. The core of this bold cigar is a blend of tobacco originating from four different regions in Honduras and Nicaragua, hand-selected with a ligero focus.

The aged Honduran binder adds the next component of the Mundial flavor profile. The Alec Bradley Criollo 98 Trojes wrapper gives the cigar an oily, toasted hazelnut hue. A duet of spice and cream play on the tongue for the majority of this glorious smoke. Occasionally, cocoa, wood and caramel notes resonate faintly in the background. Cigar enthusiasts will enjoy the superior quality and flavors Mundial is known for.