50% OFF Alec Bradley Magic Toast!


In 2018, Alec Bradley suspiciously remained tight-lipped about what they would be introducing at the annual IPCPR trade show (typically where new cigars are unveiled each year). Only teaser images were revealed leading up to the event, but the cigars were eventually exposed as "Magic Toast."

No, the Alec Bradley Magic Toast isn't inspired from a special slice of bread... Instead, Magic Toast is said to be inspired by company founder Alan Rubin, where he was struck with the idea in the middle of the night. Scouring over tobacco in a nondescript field in Honduras, Rubin grabbed a bottle of whiskey and proposed a toast to the future of the company. This very tobacco was then incorporated into a significant blend made to honor the "magic toast" from that evening.

Like many blends in AB's famed portfolio, Magic Toast is built exclusively from Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos. The blend begins with a select Honduran wrapper, which is draped over a double binder (a feature often used by Alec Bradley) of Nicaraguan and Honduran leaves; this combination secures a gritty filler blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers. The complete blend is roughly medium to medium-plus in body, though Alec Bradley intends for the cigar to remain somewhat cryptic, insisting that each individual smoker make their own assessments firsthand!