ONLY $3.97 PER CIGAR: No offense to your local cigar shop, but if you're pulling the trigger on this AJ Fernandez deal today, you're getting their exact discount. It's kind of a "Sorry, but not sorry" type of situation. We suggest buying two and sharing the wealth with your cigar buddies. Enjoy!

AJ Fernandez has become a legend in the cigar world. Fernandez is credited with creating some of the highest-rated and most sought after cigars in the industry today. From his acclaimed facilities in Nicaragua, he grows the very best tobaccos and produces these blends in small batches to assure that each one is made to perfection. 

To ensure we always have a healthy stock of AJ Fernandez product, we are constantly ordering as many pallets as he’ll allow us to… but sometimes, the Cigar King himself *cough* my boss *cough* gets a little out of control and overdoes it- so when I walked into our aging room this morning and saw Fernandez boxes stacked up to the ceiling, I nearly dropped my coffee on the floor! 

So there you have it- sometimes you have to spend money to make money, and that’s exactly the kind of deal I’m offering today: Get a total of 25 delicious AJ cigars, all 90+ rated by major cigar magazines and blogs, and pay exactly what your local cigar shop pays. Check out the picture and description on our website to see exactly what you’re getting. No surprises here- just good, old-fashioned first choice savings! Have a great day!