50% OFF: Aging Room Cigars


#1 IN THE WORLD: Aging Room won last year's Cigar Aficionado "#1 Cigar of The Year", propelling the boutique outfit to instant stardom in the cigar industry. Now, you can experience three of their power-sellers for a price that will make your jaw drop: Get up to 50% OFF Retail Pricing on select Aging Room cigars, PLUS Free Shipping On Your Entire Order when you go for the 18 Pack!

When a cigar wins over the hearts of the giants over at Cigar Aficionado, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt it's going to be an absolute pleasure to smoke- but the story of Aging Room's glory spans far beyond their recent 96-Rating and other various accolades: It was one of the first brands I truly fell in love with as a cigar smoker. 

Created by Raphael Nodal, Aging room has established itself as one of the most exciting, craft-oriented cigar brands in the market, and is the highest rated boutique cigar brand in the world. Each blend released is comprised of rare and vintage tobaccos from the most exotic areas of the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. 

The best part about their portfolio is that they make a blend for every palate. From their silky, golden Havao Connecticut (very mild!), to their balanced and bold Habano or Maduro, Aging Room is a brand that has perfected the true art of tobacco blending.