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nub-ban.jpgNUB Cigars were created in Studio Tobac division of Oliva Cigar Co. NUB is a tremendously popular line of cigars and it is easy to see why. After learning from the Oliva family how cigars are rolled in Esteli, Nicaragua, Studio Tobac created NUB. NUB cigars are hand rolled by the Oliva Cigar Co and it is a concept that seeks to deliver only that most enjoyable part of the cigar.

The idea for the NUB came from the theory that a cigar finds its ?sweet spot? at the 3.5 to 4 inch point. All NUB cigars must exist within this window. No NUB is longer than 4 inches. Further adding to this complex theory, the ring gauges range from 56-66. The result is a range of smokes that have the same amount of tobacco as any Churchill or even Presidente. Unbelievably, they also smoke as long and have developed a gigantic following with cigar lovers across the world.

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