When the boys at Halfwheel.com give a great rating on a cigar we've never carried, it always piques our interest- and that's exactly happened with the Henry Clay War Hawk! Before we go into detail on what the cigar is all about, here's what they had to say about it: 

"I am always in favor of companies trying experimenting with different things, and it turns out that utilizing the Connecticut broadleaf as a binder while wrapping the cigar in a lighter Ecuadorian Connecticut was an extremely good idea.

The result is a blend that is both creamy on the palate and spicy on the retrohale, not to mention the slight banana sweetness that is present throughout. I have thought that Henry Clay is one of the most underrated blends on the market since Pete Johnson turned me onto them back in 2009 and the War Hawk continues that tradition: an enjoyable, well-balanced release that just about anyone who loves cigars will most likely enjoy."


Henry Clay rose to Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives in the early 1800s, was known above all, as a staunch U.S. nationalist. He was the leading voice among several young members of Congress who boldly applied pressure on President James Madison to defend the young nation by declaring war against Britain in 1812. Clay believed strongly that military force was the only option left to fight British imperiousness. The term “War Hawk” was coined and now used in political circles to describe one who favors war as an ultimate resolution of a conflict.

The Henry Clay “War Hawk” is a dedication to Henry Clay’s lasting influence. The War Hawk cigar is aptly named, as it is a bit rebellious in going against its own tradition by not using a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper – as do most other Henry Clay brands. The “Hawkish” cigar is a complex cigar, boasting unique flavors, with plenty of spice. This medium-bodied blend sports an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, which houses a broadleaf binder and Honduran filler.