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Havana Soul is a true work of cigar art. For us, it's been the most anticipated release in over a decade, and has been met with rave reviews from cigar lovers all over the world. This is a cigar shrouded in both secrecy and legendary status. If you're looking for your new go-to cigar, you've found it.

Blended to perfection using the very same vintages of rich, well-aged Esteli-grown tobaccos as it’s cuban-made predecessor, the Havana Soul glistens deeply with Nicaraguan oils, and uses a proprietary extra-dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that smokes slow and offers an almost effortless draw.

You’ll get copious amounts of complex, yet smooth smoke with every puff. Expect tasting notes of spice, white pepper, roasted coffee, earth, and rich cocoa. 

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40% OFF: Havana Soul IV 2021 Torpedo Box Press!