$30 OFF Purofino White Holiday Packs!


Our Ho-Ho-Ho Purofino White Holiday Packs are here! If there's one blend that breaks all boundaries of what a premium cigar should be, Purofino White Label takes the cake. Nothing tastes quite like it, and it packs a value like no other cigar in the world. 

Purofino White Label is one of the oldest blends we carry. Over a decade ago, this cigar was such an enormous success that the golden brown Esteli-grown tobacco specifically allotted for the blend eventually ran out. From then on, we genuinely believed Purofino White Label would exist only in memory.

Fast forward eleven years later, Purofino has reopened a historic chapter in cigar history with the re-release of White Label. Using original seeds and an identical formula, we’re overjoyed to say Purofino White Label is back, emphasizing its original smooth and old-school flavor.

Expect a burst of complex, buttermilk nuances elegantly rounded out with a spicy yet creamy nuttiness when you order the Purofino White Label in Connecticut. The Maduro version boasts a rich boldness of Swiss Chocolate and dark espresso, with a long, easy finish.

When you light up a Purofino White Label Cigar, you’ll take a graceful journey back in time to the cigar boom of the mid 1990’s. Experience this classic blend for yourself at a reasonable price today. Take advantage of our Purofino Holiday Pack Offer which gives you an automatic $30 discount, a FREE refillable torch lighter valued at up to $29.95, and FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!