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Erik Espinosa ain’t new to the game, and chances are you’ve smoked a cigar he had a major hand in. From being the mastermind behind major brands such as Murcielago, Laranja, and 601 La Bomba, to working with AJ Fernandez, Rocky Patel, Pepin Garcia, and more- this guy has a knack for making A+ cigars. 

Born in Havana, Cuba and soon after relocating to Miami, Erik inherited his passion for cigars from his father, Erik Espinosa Sr. With a family of knowledge at his back, Erik began working in 1997, and got his hands on every facet of the cigar industry. Since then, he’s been on top of the boutique world.

If you’re someone who enjoys a mild smoke, we suggest going for the Espinosa Crema- a delicious & creamy smoke that offers mild notes of butter and spice. If you like ‘em strong, smoke Murcielago or La Bomba, but beware- these cigars are as strong as it gets.