Casa Fuente? Padron Black? These CRA Samplers keep getting better and better every year! Every cigar in this sampler is top shelf, rare, and sold at a great price! Anyone who wants a taste of these rarities needs to order now - these limited cigars will sell out quick!

Support the Cigar Rights of America. Most aficionado’s are aware of the threats that face our industry due to government overreach. Thankfully, we have The Cigar Rights of America- they are currently waging litigatory war in Washington D.C. to help preserve the hand-made, premium cigar industry and our freedoms!  

A significant portion of proceeds from this A+ all-star collection sampler goes directly to the CRA, and helps to fight our cause. Remember, we’re in this together. Oh, and the best part? We discount the heck out of this pack, so you get it at the lowest price on the internet.

This flight contains a selection of some of the most luxurious, impeccable, jaw-dropping smokes the industry has to offer. This flight features ten limited edition ultra-premium cigars, running the full gamut of sophisticated flavors. Just one of these rare sticks would be cause for celebration, but an entire sampler packed with remarkable stogies is a call to joy for every aficionado on Earth. As with previous years, this is a limited edition release. Anyone who wants a taste of these cigars needs to order now!

2022 Cigar Rights Of America 10 Pack Cigar Sampler