2022 Cigar Rights Of America 10 Pack Cigar Sampler


Let me explain myself: I kind of messed up. Our first allotment of these sold out at full price, but I need to make massive room in my warehouse for 2022 cigar inventory (and I drunkenly re-ordered thousands of these samplers), so I'm dumping these for a hometown love-ticket of a deal. EVERY CIGAR IN THIS SAMPLER IS AAA RATED, and they will ALL sell out at this price! Order now!

Support the Cigar Rights of America. Most aficionado’s are aware of the threats that face our industry due to government overreach. Thankfully, we have The Cigar Rights of America- they are currently waging litigatory war in Washington D.C. to help preserve the hand-made, premium cigar industry and our freedoms!  

A significant portion of proceeds from this A+ all-star collection sampler goes directly to the CRA, and helps to fight our cause. Remember, we’re in this together. Oh, and the best part? We discount the heck out of this pack, so you get it at the lowest price on the internet.