2020 Employee 5-Pack Picks Sampler!


The days of big-wig cigar companies pushing out sub-par commercial blends for big bucks are over. Today, the cigar industry is truly driven by the consumer- and it's a beautiful thing. 

If you don't know Gary, he's been our right-hand man at Cigar King for well over a decade. In addition to selling cigars, he's got a major passion for enjoying them as well, and he's got one helluva palate!

So we had Gary pick out his top 5 go-to sticks for the new year, which are all medium to full bodied boutique blends that the cigar world considers to be A+ releases.

Each pack comes with a healthy 10% OFF discount, free Boveda Humidification in every shipment (so your cigars stay safe and fresh), PLUS Free Shipping On Your Entire Order! So go ahead, smoke what the pro's smoke and be rocketed into a fifth dimension of pure ecstasy!