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$2.99 Perdomo-Made Cuban Heirloom Cigars!


Bang! Viva la cigar discounting revolution. Cuban Heirloom Maduro gets a price liberation of up to 60% OFF Retail! Get dark, rich Cuban Heirloom as low as $2.99 per cigar for a very limited time from Cigar King!

Nick Perdomo, CEO of Perdomo Cigars is one of the greatest cigar manufacturers our industry has ever seen. What makes his company so unique is that they are a 100% vertically integrated cigar manufacturer. That means they control every process, from seed to soil. Their facilities consist of thousands of acres of farmland, greenhouses, curing barns, sorting departments, production facilities, a state-of-the-art box factory, and a first class packaging operation. 

The Cuban Heirloom Maduro was created exclusively for us by Nick Perdomo, and has been a bestseller on our shelves since it’s inception in 1995. Cuban Heirloom cigars live up to their name in every respect - quality construction, delicious taste, and great value. Cuban artisans make them in the old-style Cuban tradition using vintage leaf that's been aged at least three years.

Rolled with top-grade, beefy dark natural Maduro wrapper (no cooking or dyeing for us) and Nicaraguan-grown Criollo binder and filler, Cuban Heirloom cigars are medium to full body in strength, and packed with a perfect flavor complexity. Expect distinct tasting notes of espresso, cocoa, and rich caramel nougat.  

There's a reason Cuban Heirloom Cigars have been a mainstay in our private label portfolio for 25 years - they're an expertly blended vitola that offers aficionado's the highest caliber of premium, Nicaraguan Tobaccos at a tremendous value!

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