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15% OFF Rare Viaje Wilshire La Jolla


We just announced a rare 15% OFF price drop on this highly coveted limited edition Viaje release. We almost never drop the price on limited Viaje blends, so this is big!

Not long ago, the cigar industry ran on classic, mainstay brands that were backed by deep pockets and bigwig parent company's. Viaje Cigars were one of the few small batch companies to change that forever. When we talk about cigar brands with cult followings behind them, believe us when we say that Viaje is an outfit that is almost always mentioned.

Very little is actually ever released about the actual blends themselves, but they always seem to be spectacular. Speaking of special releases shrouded in almost total secrecy, we've just received two brand new iterations we know nothing about; and we won't, because we're not aloud to smoke them. Why? Because they go so quick. Feel free to send us some though, because just like you, we're always jonesing for rare industry releases. Here's what Viaje CEO Andre Farkas had to say about these two rare birds:

WILSHIRE AND LA JOLLA - Taking inspiration from the craft beer industry, we are thrilled to offer the latest release in what is a multi-factory, ongoing journey into tobacco. Cigars come packed in convenient 10-count boxes adorned with original artwork unique to each release.

The best bales have been painstakingly sampled and blended to ensure each release showcases the very best from each factory. WILSHIRE AND LA JOLLA is a Nicaraguan puro rolled at Raices Cubanas in Danli, Honduras.

  • Viaje Willshire And La Jolla Toro (6x54 / 5 Pack)